Landslide Monitoring System

Marker free Hillside and Building Monitoring

DocuCam Landslide Monitoring

Some Things You Should Know About

Video-based near-realtime System, innovative, patented

We are an engineering company from Germany established 20 years ago specializing in visualizing and real time surveillance, monitoring and documentation technology as well as the needed equipment mainly used in critical processes, products, performance or to increase productivity.
Innovative and automated designed to improve quality and safety, increase transparency and reduce costs. Unique and patended fokus on visibility, an integrative and comprehensive set of data, open source and usability of documented issues.

Facts about Landslides

Impacts of Landslides

Landslides rank third in terms of number of death due to natural disasters. The impact grows with increased urbanization and development in mountain regions. Although landslides are a natural phenomena societal issues result only when humans and their built environment are located in the path of landslides.
Their volume and frequency range from small to millions of m3. Small landslides happen often and frequent while large ones are rare. Nevertheless their impact increases.

Global land exposed to landslides = 3.7 million km2

Population exposed = 300 million (5% of world population)

Land area in high risk zones = 820,000 km2

Population in high risk zones = 66 million people

DocuCam Landslide Monitoring

Platform, Components and Services

The DocuCam Landslide system is a service to monitor hillsides with one or more cameras via optical gigapixel monitoring. Time lapse movies in various zoom levels are documented and stored in the cloud in almost real time.

Any desired data, such as weather or operating information can be linked.

Evaluation of the data takes place at any time using a web browser.

  • Hesotech's iMaster Toolkit for collection, storage, administration and visualisation of measurements
  • Hesotech's patented DocuCam-Process for landslide monitoring with GigaPixel resolution. At a distance of 500 m, a pixel corresponds to about one centimeter.
  • High-resolution PTZ-Camera with 30x Optical Zoom, outdoor-ready, w/o local storage
  • Mini-PC for local storage, pre-processing and communications
  • LAN, WLAN, 3G/4G-radio or any field-applicable broadband internet connection
  • Local power supply like battery backuped solar-panels
  • Reliable,stable and protected mounting facilities offering a free view to the monitored hillside-area

  1. Engeneering
  2. Diagnosis of operating site and its environmental and infrastructual conditions

  3. Procurement & Assembly
  4. either by Hesotech, its onsite distributor or a certified and instructed third-party

  5. Site installation
  6. Mounting, establishing network connection, camera adjustment, basic testing

  7. Software Installation and configuration
  8. Deployment of Software components either in customers datacenter or cloud facillities. Configuration of components. Establishing process flow.

  9. Instruction and training
  10. Introduction to mastering and running installed systems.

  11. Customizing
  12. Customizing site-specific parameters and connecting external systems for notification, analysis or other requirements

  • Diagnosis and planning for onsite-installation
  • Procurement & Assembly of Hard- and Software Components
  • Support during on-site installtion
  • Provisioning of Software components
  • Instruction and training
  • Continous Research and Development

Our Services

We Are Experts In Developing


Hesotech as an "engineering company" is working on technical aspects to solve complex problems in the areas of automation, documentation and visualization. Many global players rely on our software in critical areas of their manufacturing process. To be able to concentrate on our core competence, we sell our products mostly through partners. Often we sign agreements with them to offer under their own label.


In the field of movement´s detection on slopes, adjustments are considered to be necessary. Critical hillside movements can be very application-specific. Likewise require connections to existing systems (alerting, correlating data sources etc.), if necessary, adjustments.


Systems and solutions realized by Hesotech are easy to operate and to use. With our training offers you develop the full power of our solutions. In order to respond to concerns and knowledge of our customers specifically and yet offer each customer the best possible know-how, our training programs are always organized customer-personalized.

A non-stop solution deserves a non-stop support. Scope, standby times and guaranteed response times are tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us?

9 Reasons Why We Are The Best


Near-Real-Time processing and instant web-based acces to latest source images, meta-data and analysis in DocuCam-GUI.


Highest optical resolution (gigapixel) based acquisition, reliable components.


Longtime experience in image processing and analysis, high-volume data-processing.


Neither Access nor any Building Operation on the monitored endangered hillsides are necessary. Protection and Responsibillity for Employees and Environment. Tamper protected Hard- and software Installation and Operations.


Operational Safety through process-design, quality components and distributed arrangement of components for acquisition, processing, analsysis and presentations. Direct visual control through sourced image dataset.


Support during Installation and Operation includes Training and Customization for individual adaption to the monitored object.


Small to zero impact to the environment. Only a free view to the monitored area has to be provided. No Installtion of fixed markers on the hillside.


Minimal engagement of Hardware and building operations even in far-off areas. Reasonable selected and re-usable components. Documenation datasets ready for Inspection and Revision.


Cost effective, runs on a broad range of standard Hardware. Scalable, alternative plans


We Make Our Customers Happy!

"Building Monitoring

Mit dem iMaster-Baulogbuch haben wir jederzeit einen kompletten Überblick über die gesamte Baustelle. Aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln; sowohl im Panorama wie im Detail. Unsere Handwerksbetriebe nutzen dies, um in Absprache mit uns bedarfs- und zeitgerecht liefern zu können. Die Historienfunktion hat uns geholfen, einen Diebstahl und Beschädigungen aufzuklären. Besonders nützlich und kostensparend waren die Wetteraufzeichnungen, die uns bei einem Schadensfall Sicherheit darüber gaben, das in dem betreffenden Zeitraum definitiv kein Frost vorlag. Für den Bauherrn wird sein Projekt transparent abgewickelt und er kann den aktuellen Baufortschritt auf seiner Internetseite auch seinen Kunden zeigen."

Andre Richter, Diez, Germany
Architect b@ugilde

"Plant Growth Chamber Monitoring

We operate 22 high quality and state-of-the-art plant growth chambers constructed by Johnson Controls. Using Hesotech iMaster-Software, we control and monitor chambers beeing capable of providing exceptional environmental conditions allowing precise environmental simulation across different climate zones. In addition, one of these chambers is equipped with iMaster-DocuCam-System by Hesotech. An automated, chamber integrated, non-destructive optical plant screening system for objective, reproducible and high-throughput assessment of plant phenotypic traits. We are operating the iMaster-Software since 2010. It is a very stable, easy to use, reliable and versatile system."

Jakub Jez, Vienna
Head of Plant Science Facility, Vienna Biocenter

"Landslide Monitoring

After we have fixed the hillside for a lot of money, we have now a simple and objective tool to check the results of our investment in realtime."

Steffen Loos: Geologist, Schaefer-Kalk
Steffen Loos: Geologist, Schaefer-Kalk

Our Basic Offers

Modular Structure

  • Storage Location
  • Data for DocuCam-Navigator
  • Additional-Processing
  • Power Supply
  • Connectivity
  • Access


  • Images stored on camera
  • Camera
  • No
  • Power Grid
  • Local Network


  • Images stored on camera
  • Camera
  • yes, local PC
  • Power Grid
  • Local Network


  • Provider/Data-Center
  • Camera/local PC
  • Yes, Cloud
  • Solar panel, Batteries
  • WLAN, 3G/4G networks
  • Internet


We Are Here For You!

Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

CEO and Founder
Hesotech GmbH, Germany

Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

CEO, Founder and Owner
Hesotech GmbH, Germany

Physicist with a doctorate from Düsseldorf University (1984) for a thesis in optics and solid state physics
founded Hesotech in 1994, concentrating in automation and visualization
Specialized on bridging the gap between technology and software

Klaus Heil

CEO and Owner
SEE NOW Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Klaus Heil

CEO and Owner
SEE NOW Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Economist with Dipl. Kfm. (eqivalent MBA) degree earned from University of Cologne (1986)
Specialized in capital markets and project finance in transformation and emerging countries,
based in Malaysia and fokused on bridging the gap between Europe and SEA

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