iMaster Toolkit

The clever solution for documenting, visualizing, analyzing, and controlling your processes and data.

Imagine all data of your production processes would be reliably, seamlessly and fully automatically merged and structured in a central database. Imagine you could access the data at any time and from any location via a web browser, control the processes and carry out efficient, batch-oriented analyses with visual support. Our iMaster-Toolkit can provide you all of that.

Our innovative iMaster-Toolkit helps you to increase the value of your data, overcome the limitations of classic SCADA systems and is your ideal companion in the age of “Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0”.

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Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

CEO, Physicist (+49) 6432 97877 61
Marcus Wirsing

Marcus Wirsing

Development Management (+49) 6432 97 877 62


Automated, reliable, complete and cost-effective documentation and analysis of your processes.

All data is collected fully automatically and is available to you in real time. Thanks to our efficient data collection and storage strategies, which can be adapted to your individual needs, there are practically no limits to the amount of data that can be collected. You can access the data and processes remotely - even across multiple locations.
We want to provide your employees with the best possible support in the analysis and control of processes. Therefore, we attach great importance to simple and understandable user interfaces that allow data analysis without specific prior knowledge.
It is of particular concern to us that neither you nor we are bound to a particular manufacturer. We bring together data from different systems from different manufacturers. Our solution is flexible and you stay flexible with it!
Pictures say more than a thousand words. The simple and understandable visualization of processes and data is therefore a special concern of ours.
We see more in images than just a photo. Images document processes. One of our strengths lies in interpreting images as measurement data using the latest methods of computer vision and artificial intelligence.
Whether measurement data in the millisecond range, production data across multiple locations, or complex data, such as images or videos - our iMaster toolkit allows all these different data types to be combined in a central database. We rely on the latest database technologies and ensure that the database structure is adapted to your individual processes.
We rely on latest web technologies that allow you to access your data, to control the processes and to carry out analyses at any time and from any location via a web browser.
Reliable and complete recordings of process data are a critical success factor. With our iMaster-Toolkit, we can automatically merge your data in real time. This not only saves you time and money, but also ensures that the data is unaltered and that the time stamps of the data collected by different systems and machines do not diverge.
The number of interfaces of your customized iMaster-Toolkit solution can be extended at any time. New machines, systems, sensors or other process points are coming? No problem, your iMaster-Toolkit is prepared for new challenges.

Our iMaster-Toolkit modules: The building blocks for your solution

Our iMaster-Toolkit consists of nine modules that we can combine and customize to create a system solution that is tailored to your individual requirements and processes. There are practically no limits to the scope and diversity of the data types and data sources.

Smart Data Recorder

Our smart data recorder takes care of everything to do with data collection and data presentation. A multitude of different data sources can be connected to the data recorder. No matter whether numeric, textual or complex data, such as images and videos, are collected - our data recorder ensures efficient data acquisition and consistent time synchronization between the different data sources.

Scaleable SQL Data Base System

The data collected by the data recorder is written to the powerful SQL database system adapted to your processes using sophisticated and efficient storage strategies. This database system can consist of one central and several decentralized (e.g. different locations) databases and is characterized by scalability. The system is based on document storage (binary, CSV, XML and JSON). The following internal programming languages are used: SQL for standard tasks, JavaScript for HTML, R for statistics and C for fast special functions.

Sophisticated Query System

Our sophisticated query system enables you to access the database contents via standard SQL queries. Thanks to our intelligent reading strategies, you can access any data and data combinations over pre-defined time periods in meaningful aggregation as tables, charts, diagrams, reports and lists.


With our scheduler/programmer, we have developed an innovative solution for platform-independent programming of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for testing and production machines. This allows you to flexibly design your processes in a graphical editor and react more quickly to unforeseen events.

Flexible Event System

In our flexible event system, alarms can be generated and notifications (e.g. by mail) can be sent. The processing of events and real-time scripting takes place in C#. New alarms can be defined or existing ones changed at any time.

Browser Visu

Our Browser Visu allows you secure access via a web browser (smartphone, tablet and PC). With the web-based user interface you can create tables, charts, diagrams, reports and lists anytime and anywhere. HTML5, SVG and JavaScript are used for visualization. If required, the user interface can be designed in multiple languages.

Secure Networking

Secure networking makes it possible to overcome the barriers of distributed databases. It also allows to perform hot backups of the systems as well as data backups.

Reporting system

Our production/test data management is responsible for the production data acquisition. You can analyze processes and track batches as well as individual test items and generate corresponding reports.

Parts/Batch Data Tracking

Track your products through the various production steps. Our parts/batch data tracking helps you with quality assurance. By tracking the quality of individual parts or entire batches, you can uncover weak points and identify optimization potential.