Reference projects

The iMaster in the Automotive Industry: Data Acquisition and Plant Control in Corrosion Protection Centers

In so-called corrosion protection centres, the susceptibility of automobiles to corrosion is systematically tested by simulating the entire life-cycle of a car within a few weeks using climate chambers. In this context, a large number of German and international automobile manufacturers use our iMaster for data acquisition and visualization as well as for control of the climate chambers.

Production Data Acquisition in the Raw Materials Industry

At the lime producer Schaefer Kalk in Hanstätten, our iMaster takes over the task of production data acquisition. The data of a large number of different process control systems are merged in a central database.

Plant Growth Chambers: Mass Phenotyping with the iMaster

At the Gregor Mendel Institute in Vienna our iMaster is used for the automation of mass phenotyping. The developed system solution comprises a swivel arm, on which a camera is mounted that automatically scans the plants on the shelves in the chamber at regular intervals. The images are automatically interpreted as measurement data and merged with the weather data of the climate chambers in a central database.

Automatic Detection of Piglet Births

Our iMaster allows farmers to monitor piglet births without being physically present. A camera mounted above the farrowing box automatically counts the piglets and measures the intervals between the births. The system automatically notifies the farmer about activities and provides a live view.