iMaster-DocuCam Landslide Monitoring System

Monitoring – Long-term. Continuous. Comprehensive.

iMaster-DocuCam Landslide Monitoring System

Landslides, earthfalls, rockfalls, or similar earth movements are among the ultimate risks on our planet and can cause severe economic damages and casualties. To recognize such risks early and to take precautionary measures as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of precautionary measures, a systematic, continuous, and comprehensive monitoring is essential.

Our patented iMaster-DocuCam enables to monitor and analyze large
areas based on a long-term, comprehensive, and high
resolution visual documentation. Small and large as well as slow
and fast changes of surfaces can be detected, analyzed and
kept under surveillance easily, quickly, and cost-efficiently using
an intuitive, web-based graphical user interface (GUI). In
addition, the iMaster-DocuCam is designed for simultaneously
collecting complementary data (e.g., rain, temperature,
humidity, and/or GPS data)
and for storing all relevant
information in a single database.

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Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

CEO, Physicist (+49) 6432 97877 61
Guido Sonnen

Guido Sonnen

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Patented system solution for long-term, automatic, comprehensive, and high-resolution visual documentation and monitoring of large areas.

All data are automatically collected. High resolution images of the targeted area are continuously recorded using a PTZ camera.
Our iMaster-DocuCam is based on the latest Internet technologies. This enables you to access and analyze images and data at any time and from any location via a web browser.
A simple operation is a special concern for us. Our online user manual with animated tutorials provide additional support.
The iMaster-DocuCam is even suitable for monitoring areas that are difficult or dangerous to access. A pre-definition of physical markers in the target area is not required – you can define as many virtual markers as you need on the screen.
Our iMaster-DocuCam allows to simultaneously collect additional data such as temperature and rainfall to better understand and anticipate different kinds of earth movements and the underlying cause-effect correlations.
Your inventory includes other sensors? Our in-house developers are pleased to provide customized interfaces.
Images are easily understandable data. Complex situations appear comprehensible. Generate time lapse recordings over long or short periods of time, of large or small surfaces – everywhere and anytime.
Our iMaster-DocuCam is designed to be also used in places without power supply. Thanks to its low energy consumption, it can be operated with a solar panel or a generator.
You can add your individual notes to the recordings. With our drawing tools, you can insert text, squares, arrows and numbering at any position of an image. You also have the option of pixelating certain areas (e.g., due to privacy).
Use the ruler function provided by our web-based user interface to measure sizes and changes in the images. The scale of the ruler is based on the average distance between the camera and the area captured in the image.

Our iMaster-DocuCam Landslide Monitoring System

Our patented solution can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Technical principle

The hardware module – in the basic version equipped with a pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) camera and a Mini-PC – is positioned with view on the targeted area. Once the hardware module has been installed, all data is collected fully automatically. At predefined time intervals (e.g., every two hours), the camera generates high-resolution images of the entire target area (up to 1 cm per cell at a distance of 500 m) and the supplementary data (e.g. weather data) are recorded. The data is then transmitted via a local Wifi or LTE/3G/4G to the iMaster Toolkit, which then makes the data available to the user via a web browser.


Users can access and analyze the data – regardless of time and location – via a web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox). The easy-to-use user interface helps to analyse the data and offers the possibility to create, save and export high-resolution time lapse recordings. These time lapse recordings can include the entire area monitored by the iMaster-DocuCam as well as each sub-region in detail. In addition, individual notes can be added to specific images or time lapse recordings. The online user maual includes step-by-step instructions and animated tutorials that will help you to get started.

Hardware module

The hardware module can be adapted to the conditions on-site. The basic version of the hardware module consists of a PTZ camera and an electronics cabinet incl. mini PC and power connection.

Depending on the needs, the hardware module can be extended by a local weather station, an LTE/3G/4G connection, an antenna, a generator, or a solar panel.

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