Here you will find an overview of the various technologies used in the development of our solutions.

Computer Animations

Computer animations have long since become an integral part of consumer electronics. Films like "Star Wars", "Finding Nemo", "Avatar" and "The Jungle Book" are just a few examples of developments in computer animation technology. Computer animations can also be used in automation technology for the representation of complex processes. In our projects, we use current computer animation technologies (especially POV-Ray and Blender) to visualize processes and measure them automatically in images.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

We have extensive experience with SCADA systems, can work with various programs (Wizcon/ControlMaestro, Intouch, WinCC) and are also specialized in creating add-ons for SCADA systems. Our solutions are used in the automotive, steel, chemical, and aerospace industries.


Our database solutions are designed to manage large amounts of data securely and consistently. With our database solutions, we can provide the necessary permissions for home access and define different roles for access permissions.

Multimedia, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

Multimedia in an industrial environment? Yes! We can merge data from different sources into a central database - from measurement data in the millisecond range to images and acoustic signals. Measurement variables are becoming more and more complex. In the age of Industry 4.0, data from the most diverse sources are to be brought together and made available for process analyses. By combining the different data, processes can be evaluated and optimized - saving time and money. Our iMaster was developed exactly for this purpose: The synchronous acquisition of different data types from different sources and the merging into a central database is no problem for us.

Programming Languages

When developing our software, we make sure that no software has to be installed on the operating PCs. Therefore, we use HTML5 with Javascript for our client software. On the server side, due to the large number of available libraries, we rely in particular on C#. In the area of Computer Vision, we rely on the OpenSource library OpenCV and the corresponding EmguCV Wrapper. Are you looking for someone for your programmable logic controller (PLC)? No problem. We can also handle PLC programming!

Computer Vision

Images are measurement data. By using modern image processing technologies, we develop individual algorithms and perform automated measurements in images.