Multimedia, Industry 4.0 und Internet of Things

Multimedia in an industrial environment? Yes! We can merge data from different sources into a central database – from measurement data in the millisecond range to images and acoustic signals.

Measurement variables are becoming more and more complex. In the age of Industry 4.0, data from the most diverse sources are to be brought together and made available for process analyses. By combining the different data, processes can be evaluated and optimized – saving time and money. Our iMaster was developed exactly for this purpose: The synchronous acquisition of different data types from different sources and the merging into a central database is no problem for us.


Images are measurement data. Using modern image processing technologies, we can develop individual algorithms and perform automated measurements in images.

Image processing, for example, is becoming increasingly important in the quality assurance of processes. The quantities to be measured are then no longer simple numbers, but can be complex images and videos that have to be organized and analyzed. We develop algorithms that automatically generate measurement data from images. We are prepared for large amounts of data.


Acoustic measurements will also become increasingly important in the future. For example, defects in a machine are usually announced acoustically, as is the case with a defective car wheel bearing. Our iMaster is prepared for the integration of complex acoustic signals.