iMaster-DocuCam Construction Logbook

Monitor work on the construction site, document it automatically and steer it effectively.

iMaster-DocuCam Baulogbuch

Would you like support in the documentation of the construction progress, in the organisation of processes and in the clarification of damage claims? Would you like to have an overview of the situation on site at any time without having to be physically present? Do you have to manage several construction sites at the same time and coordinate a large number of subcontractors? Then, our iMaster-DocuCam construction logbook is the right for you.

Our construction logbook was developed together with the architects of The aim of the project was to be able to control the work on the construction site more effectively via a web browser, to observe it visually and to document it automatically. After a single on-site commissioning, high-resolution GigaPixel images of the construction site are created regularly (e.g., every 30 minutes) and fully automatically. With an active Internet connection, the images are available to the user almost in real time. Via a web browser it is possible to access the data, to analyze the data, to create time lapse images and to add individual notes to specific images or image sequences – independent of time and location.

The synchronous recording of the weather conditions (temperature, humidity and precipitation) on-site enables you to prove the proper work execution in the event of a later claim.

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Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

Dr. Roland Sonnenschein

CEO, Physicist (+49) 6432 97877 61
Guido Sonnen

Guido Sonnen

Development, Computer Science / Computer Vision (+49) 6432 97 877 64

Your Benefits

Reliable, time- and cost-efficient documentation, monitoring, coordination and analysis of your construction site(s).

After commissioning the hardware module on-site, all data is collected for you fully automatically. So you can document and monitor your construction site long-term, continuously and comprehensively with little effort.
Our iMaster-DocuCam is based on the latest Internet technologies. This enables you to access images and data at any time and from any location via a web browser.
We want to support you in the execution of your work in the best possible way and not make processes more complicated. Therefore, we attach great importance to an easy to use graphical interfaces. The operation of our solution does not require any previous knowledge.
The visual documentation supports you in the transparent handling of your construction projects. For example, you can grant your clients or others access to the recordings or make time lapse recordings available online that show the current progress on the construction site.
You can see at any time which tasks have been completed, which tasks are currently being performed and which are next to be performed. This allows you to make timely agreements with subcontractors as required.
Our web-based user interface allows you to easily create time lapse recordings of the entire construction site as well as of individual areas in detail. With just a few clicks, you can create time lapse recordings over any period of time, with any interval between shots.
We not only capture GigaPixel images of your construction site, but also store the corresponding weather data on-site. This can help you to clarify later claims and save legal costs.
Would you like to have a live view of your construction site at any time independent of your current location? No problem. We provide you with a live view. With just a few clicks you can access and control the camera.
You can add your individual notes and markers to the recordings. With our drawing tools, you can insert text, squares, arrows and numbering at any position of an image. You also have the option of pixelating certain areas (e.g., due to privacy).
Use the ruler function provided by our web-based user interface to measure sizes and changes in the images. The scale of the ruler is based on the average distance between the camera and the area captured in the image.

Our iMaster-DocuCam Baulogbuch

The building blocks of the iMaster-DocuCam construction logbook

Our iMaster-DocuCam construction logbook consists of two main components: the DocuCam hardware module and the iMaster-DocuCam software. In its basic version, the hardware module consists of a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, a Mini-PC and a local weather station, and can optionally be extended by a LTE/3G/4G connection and/or a solar module. The iMaster DocuCam software is installed on the Mini-PC and ensures that the data is automatically collected, stored and managed.


The hardware module is installed with a view to the area to be observed (i.e., the construction site). At user-defined time intervals, the camera scans the entire area to be observed at different optical zoom levels, takes high-resolution GigaPixel images and simultaneously collects temperature, precipitation and humidity via the local weather station. The data is stored with the corresponding time stamp in a central database. The Mini-PC is connected to the Internet either via a Wifi on site or via a LTE/3G/4G router and thus, makes the collected data available to the user directly and in real time via a web-based user interface.


The user can view the individual recordings of the construction site both in panorama and in detail with the associated weather data. In addition, the software enables manual and automated creation of time lapse recordings – over any length of time, with any number of points in time. In addition, it is possible for the user to insert individual notes, which can be positioned anywhere in the image and faded in and out as required. A note can be assigned both to individual images and to entire time lapse recording.

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