Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

We have extensive experience with SCADA systems, can work with various programs (Wizcon/ControlMaestro, Intouch, WinCC) and are also specialized in creating add-ons for SCADA systems. Our solutions are used in the automotive, steel, chemical, and aerospace industries.

SCADA systems and the Internet

As digitalization progresses, the wishes and needs of companies change. Many customers expect to be able to access their systems via secure (!) Internet connections. This requires a rethinking of the conventional SCADA systems, which usually run as independent programs on a PC next to the system. The client-server architecture required for Internet access is often only added to the systems afterwards. The client-server principle served as the basis for the development of our iMaster. Today we can record measurement data in the millisecond range and make it available for analysis in almost real time via a web browser.

SCADA systems based on databases

With our iMaster we rely on the powerful OpenSource database system PostgreSQL for the development of SCADA systems. The organization of the data in a database opens up completely new possibilities for data collection and analysis. We can collect measurement data in the millisecond range and ensure the synchronicity of the time stamps of different measurement data sources.