Automatic Detection of Piglet Births

Our solutions are also used in agriculture. A previous version of our iMaster-DocuCam supports farmers in monitoring piglet births. An IP camera, including a Mini-PC, is mounted above the farrowing box. The Mini-PC is equipped with a database and software for the automated detection of piglets and their movement patterns. The piglets are counted automatically and the intervals between births are measured. If something happens in the farrowing box, the farmer is notified via his mobile phone. Using a web browser, the farmer can directly view the location of the event and decide when it is necessary for him to become active in the farrowing box.

In the following video a farrowing is shown. The piglet detected by the software is marked with a green border. The “grid” is an effective protection for the piglets to be not crushed by the mother pig. It can be opened again at the end of the birth.