Generic Editor for Hierarchical SQL data Running in the Browser

( 27.-30. October 2015 in Vienna)

Tables/rows in SQL-databases, being joined by foreign keys, can be viewed as a tree-structure similar to a file explorer. Tables correspond to directories and rows to files. Each node in the tree is clearly defined by its path. This path can be considered as the URI of the table or row under consideration. Putting this together, we developed a generic, configurable JavaScript based editor with three main modules: (1) JSON files, defining the tables and hierarchy under consideration. (2) REST webservice, consuming the URIs – based on node.js and node-postgres. (3) HTML5 browser GUI as a single page application, implemented with the open source Qooxdoo framework. Our solution avoids the creation of individually designed dialogs. It gives the feeling of a local application without reloading pages from the server.

Here you can find the presentation.