Optimized use of PostgreSQL in real world production

(https://pgconf.ru/en/2017 in Moscow)

Application development for industrial production can be enormously simplified by using the NoSQL features of PostgreSQL, especially the json and jsonb capabilities.  Further improvements are given, when the database structure mirrors the logic of the production process. Often it is enforced by law, to document the circumstances of the production of a certain part or lot.

This talk is about the automated generation of these administrative data and their correlation to measurements. Administrative data are entities like suppliers’ batch, article, serial or production date.  Reports for the management are also based on them. Our proceeding will be discussed by a currently implemented project to trace cages, filled up with bulk goods, going through a flow production. Each cage successively passes about 50 places and the facts of each step are to be documented. A live simulation illustrates, how the administrative data are generated and stored automatically.

Here you can find the presentation.