Realtime Camera Based Monitoring System

(PMIMY International Symposium 2017, Kuala Lumpur)

In the mining and construction industry, the observation and documentation of operational steps are indispensable in almost all projects. For ensuring a safe environment and control the progress during project execution, it is essential for geologists and project managers to have access to the complete picture of the current situation. Against this backdrop, pictorial representation is very intuitive and useful, especially in combination with environmental data (e. g., weather data). We developed an innovative, versatile technology that offers completely new opportunities to monitor changes and progress on a construction site – the project’s area of interest. Images and time lapsed videos on any spatial region of interest are available with only a few mouse clicks. The camera-based system comprises a combination of commonly available hardware (i.e., camera and PC), modern internet technology, image processing, high performance measurement data acquisition, SQL database technology, and a software component.

Here you can find the presentation..